Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

We ask that you note the following information before using the pool, its a little boring but our insurance company is very risk adverse!

The aim is always to open the pool from second week of May until mid September. Although the pool is heated we use an air source heat pump so actual temperature of the pool is weather dependant. ( Average temp June, July, August tends to be 24-26 degrees)

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the pool will always be available, there may be occasions during maintenance and cleaning cycles when it needs to be closed. We endeavour to keep these periods to a minimum.

We open the pool after breakfast service and close it around 7pm. We are happy to open it for an early swim, but only for guests staying in Beech which over looks the pool. Please do not attempt to take the cover off yourself, we are always available to do it it for you.

Please note the shallow end is nearest the house, and it slopes down to a deeper end which is 6ft. It is not safe to dive or jump.

We have no lifeguard on duty and pool use and safety is at the swimmers own risk. In case of emergency please call a member of staff, or if they are not available call 999.

Please do not swim without showering first if you have suntan cream on your body, our pool liner reacts badly to the chemicals in these products.

Strictly no glass around the pool. We have plastic glasses on request.

Feel free to move the sun loungers, but please do attempt to move or twist the umbrellas. These are not designed to be moved.